DC to DC 0.8-3.3V to 3.3V Step UP Boost Voltage Converter Module


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Description: Input voltage 0.8 ~ 3.3V,output 3.3V
Maximum output current: 500 MA,

Start Voltage 0.8V, Output Current 10MA

INPUT 1-1.5V, OUTPUT 3.3V 50-110MA;
INPUT 1.5-2V, OUTPUT 3.3V 110-160MA;
INPUT 2-3V, OUTPUT 3.3V 160-400MA;
INPUT above 3V, OUTPUT 3.3V 400-500MA;
DC-DC Boost module working frequency 150KHZ. efficiency is normal 85% .
2.54mm pin pitch, Arduiuo Breadboard friendly.
Excluding Pin Size 11mm x 10.5mm x 7.5mm(Very small)
Weight : about 1.2g( Very light)

Battery powered equipment
Wireless Module,NRF24L01 CC1101 CC2500 etc.
Development Board,FPGA/CPLD STM32
Arduino_uno mega2560 Breadboard Raspberry Pi

LED Lighting
Wireless communication equipment
MP3/MP4 player
Audio equipment

Attention: This is a DC-DC voltage converter module,Must be noted when using:
1 Input voltage can not be greater than the maximum input range
2 Output power can not be greater than the maximum load for a long time
3 Input power must be greater than the output power, because the power consumption of the module itself

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Weight 0.0220460011675872978142162 lbs
Dimensions 3.99999999592 × 1.49999999847 × 0.399999999592 in