Farhop 5 Volt 5mW 650nm Red Dot Laser Diode Module, 6 Pieces


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These farhop 5mW Laser diodes are perfect for any DIY project, small and easily adaptable
to any circuit.They are power efficient and have great heat distribution.
If you break the glue that holds it at it’s fixed focus you can adjust for your purposes.
This units include everything needed to project a laser, just add power.

Light power: 5mW
Transmit power: 58mW
Supply Voltage: 5V DC
Operating Current: 40mA
Operating temperature: -36 ~ 65
Storage temperature: -36 ~ 65
Spot size: At 15 meters approx. 10mm-15mm dot size.
Size: 6.5*15mm (including circuit board)
Driving mode: APC
Single weight: 2.5G
Power lead length: 95mm
Housing material: Brass
Focusable: Yes

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Dimensions 6.00 × 2.00 × 0.30 in