Joule Thief DIY Kit – No toroid Inductor. SMD DC-DC Includes LED


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This Joule thief board allows you to use source voltages at 1.5 volt or lower to give you 3.3 Volts of output. This allows you to run an LED with a used almost empty battery.

Note:This circuit is optimized to drive led’s only, you may have problems driving other loads like motors etc.

It’s a new designed joule thief which uses SMD components and doesn’t require a toroid inductor to work correctly. Large SMD input and output pads make it easy to solder wires on it or even solder one LED directly on the pads. The small size of the board (10x16mm) make it ideal for flashlight upgrades or DIY flash lights. The efficiency of the circuit is around 70%, generally the more the input voltage the more the efficiency.
Unlike other kits this one is doesn’t use a toroid inductor which may cause problems building or testing it, plus the small size. You can use any source voltage between 0.8 and 2V, feel free to experiment.
The whole board was designed and built in EUROPE, this is not a Chinese product.

1) Small size (10 x 16mm)
2) Reliable (unit is tested and working)
3) Ready made board (no need to build it yourself)
4) Easy to use, one input one output.
5) Can use more than one LED in parallel e.g. 3 LED’s (series is not recommended)
6) LED current is rated at 5-10mA depending on your input.

Min working voltage: >0.8V
Max working voltage: <2.4V
Led current rating: 5-10mA depending on your input.
Oscillation frequency: ~70KHz
Vpp output: ~3.36V
Vrms output: ~1.71V

What do you get: 1 Joule thief board assembled and tested
1 White LED included.

This is not a kit, but does require LED to be soldered to board.
Unit is as shown in main picture.

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