USB Bendable Red Laser Diode Module 5mW – Precise Accuracy & Distance


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PRECISION LASER CLEAR: Our red laser light provides crystal clear precision with a bold, crisp dot that’s never fuzzy or blurry. Enjoy the reliance of a laser sight that provides accurate pinpointing of your target indoor or outdoor through long distances & inclement weather. Instantly turns on when plugged in! FLEXIBLE USB PLATFORM: Bendable laser diode lets you cut the cord on wall plugs & battery necessity. With a USB charging base, easily plug one of these laser lights into any multi-port USB hub or charging cube. 14″ laser diode module is flexible and bendable for easy adjustability and reach access whenever you need it! VERSATILE USAGE FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS: Easily use as a laser measure to line up holes or spacing for construction and DIY home improvements. Use this red color laser as a guide or reference point for saw cuts, screws, nails and any other construction feature you can think of! ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Combine more than one 3D laser in multiple USB ports. Benefit from additional laser light up spread to arrange art projects and set up focal reference points whenever the creative urge strikes! CLASS IIIR LASER: 5mW laser diode is 14″ end-to-end in length. Wavelength: 650 nm. Voltage: DC 4.5V. Current: 29mA. USB Powered laser diode module (5V). GET CLEAR & RELIABLE LASER ACCURACY EVERY TIME! Ready for a red laser diode that combines crystal clear range with dynamic versatility? We bring you another premium choice that goes way beyond those lesser lasers! Crystal Clear Accuracy Enjoy precision pinpointed results every time with a bold, clear red dot that never gets fuzzy or blurry! Know exactly what youÂ’re looking at and make the right call every time! Bendable USB Platform We bring you a dynamic and resourceful 3d laser diode option with 14 inches of bendable, flexible laser lightbulb adjustment. Built-in flexibility lets you twist, turn and bend the laser into any nook, cranny or awkward measuring space you need to take care of! USB compatibi